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? The amount of time reserved storage is online.

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Secure Data Storage & Retrieval

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Decentralized Data

Distributed storage provides the highest privacy and data durability. Your data is more available and more secure.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate expensive server farms, complicated failure modes, time consuming maintenance and upgrades. We dramatically reduce the price of cloud storage.

Always Available

Using smart data replication and self-healing synchronization, we provide constant availability. Your data anytime, anywhere.

The security of your data is our
highest priority

  • Object Sharding

    Data is encrypted, split and portioned amongst our trusted hosting fleet. The data owner retains complete control over the encryption keys.

  • Loss Protection

    Smart replication an self-healing synchronization means no single point of failure. Your data is more durable than traditional cloud services.

  • Reliable Backups

    Algorithmic backup and recovery with global durability at no extra cost.

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